Frequently Asked Questions

When is Jaialdi?

The next Jaialdi will be held the last week in July, 2025. 

How often is Jaialdi held?

It’s held every five years in Boise, Idaho. 

I had plan tickets and/or hotel reservations for the canceled 2022 festival. What should I do?

Please contact your airline and/or hotel reservation department to cancel your booking.


How many people come to Jaialdi?

It’s tough to accurately estimate because some events, such as those on the Basque Block, do not require tickets. Our best guess is in the neighborhood of 35,000.

Why is Jaialdi held in Boise?

The first Jaialdi was intended as a one-off cultural festival, but then-Gov. Cecil Andrus asked the Boise Basque community to hold another in 1990 to celebrate the state’s 100th anniversary. After the success of the 1990 event, it was decided that the festival should be held every five years.

Who runs Jaialdi?

Jaialdi is entirely run and staffed by unpaid volunteers. It is a labor of love.

how do i apply to be a vendor or international performer at the 2025 festival?

Keep an eye on We will most likely post vendor and international applications in 2024.

I’d like more frequent updates. Where should I go?

Visit our Facebook page for more information.

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